Jun 28, 2010

Sahasralinga revisited

May 22, 2010. Third visit to Sahasralinga.

Dadapeer was really thrilled to see this place. He went snapping up with his mobile camera. He kept pointing at several sculptures asking me to take pictures of them.

Some say that's a palette and some say it's made for having food but I just felt that it could made to keep pooja items like flowers, vibhuti, kumkuma, arishina, sandal paste, etc. in place.

This Basavanna looks like he'll get up and come charging anytime.

Elephant head, Shivalinga and a panati i.e. an oil lamp.

Bull licking it's back.

That's Lord Ganapati.

A signature- Chennabasavaraja Lingayya -that's how inscription reads.



Ace said...

After seeing yr pics , I am inspired to visit this place.

Manjula Umesh said...

I came to know abt this place through your blog from then I wished to visit this place, its an amazing place, felt so happy to see those Shivalingas.

siddeshwar said...

The place is truly amazing, just captivates one and all.