Jun 14, 2010

Upuli Buruj, Bijapur

Buruj or Burj means tower in Arabic.

Upuli - there's ambiguity on this. One of the sources said that Upuli is the name of a woman who stayed close by while the other source trashed that story.

Those are the steps leading to the top.

Close to the end of the steps, I saw this tablet fixed in the wall.

At the top, there are two cannons. These cannons look purely functional, probably built to send relatively light projectiles over a long trajectories.

A touch of art here...

Upuli Burj offers a commanding view of Bijapur. I wonder how the city looked during the days of the Adil Shah's reign.

That's Gol Gumbaz sticking out of the horizon.

I kept shooting every 90 degrees turning to my right.

The steps on the way feel much steeper than the way up. The stone steps are slippery, just take care while descending.


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