Oct 17, 2012

Chilakamukhi's fort ruins and healing water

July 27, 2012

We resumes our journey after exploring the ruins of Irakalghad fort. We took the road towards Kanakagiri. About 7 kms later a fort came into our view. Another place to our growing list of forts. We stopped to check out the ruins and find out the village's name.

In no time few youngsters of the village had gathered. We got introduced to Ganganaoudar and Manjunath. Our hosts were friendly and showed us the ruins of Chilakamukhi fort. During its hey days, the fort enclosed the entire village, now just the western wall remains. This village is not really big, may be 150 houses in all.

This is all that remains of the fort. We could not even find the remains of the fort entrance.
A closer look. The bastion on the right seems well preserved.
Gun holes prove that muskets and pistols were used to ward off hostile forces.

We venture into the village. The structure  ahead is a part of the fort.

People live in here!

We went up the walls and realized nothing much remains. Most of the walls have vanished, village folks must have built houses with those stones. Gangangoudar's house is in this lane. Agriculture is their main source of income.Ruins of another bastion stands on a boulder.
We were ready to leave and one of the village folks asked us to see a well- water from that well is supposed to have special powers which can heal people of maladies.
The well is in Sharanappa Devaragudi's fields. The well is right next to that Bilva Patri tree.
The well does not have a wall around it. Respecting local sentiments we shed our footwear at a safe distance from the well.
There's the well. Water was clear, nothing floating or suspended. People from surrounding villages have belief in the healing powers of this water. Gangangoudar told that people take water in small containers which is not placed on the ground until it is reaches the patient. Well, belief itself is the medicine in most cases.

That's Ganganagoudar, Sharanappa, Manjunath and Malatesh.

Each of is had a mouthful, water tasted good.

We thank our hosts and prepare to resume our journey.

Chilakamukhi Coordinates: 15°30'49"N   76°14'32"E


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