Aug 14, 2013

Halaekote ruins

March 8, 2013
Halaekote means old fort; the village by this name is situated between Tekkalakote and Shirguppa. The village itself is situated on the plains between two hillocks, one large and the other small. This hill is the larger of the one; what is seen here is just one end of the hill, behind the scene it grows westwards.

We abandoned the climb even before we reached  ¼ way up. However we got a good look at the ruins and did not expect to anything more. The walls are very similar to the fort walls at Anegundi - they could be built during Vijayanagara times.

We reached Halekota village, folks told us about the ruins on the smaller hill and few youngsters agreed to accompany us. The climb was short but very steep, hot weather and hunger made the climb tiring. Half way up the hill is this little cave temple.

After a short break we continued our way to the top until we reached a gateway at the summit. From here we could see both sides of the hill. There wasn't much to see but it confirmed the existence of the  fort on both hills and the plains between them.

Our guides look like soldiers watching over the plains stretching to the east.

Seems like construction activities were abandoned before completion.

One of the guides wanted to show an engraved pair of human feet on a rock; marked in the circle and enlarged in the inset.

Wall in ruin on one side of the gateway..

..and a natural wall on the other side. Indeed a perfect site for a gateway.

Engraving of Lord Hanuman with Sanjeevani Betta. Lifting a mountain is a left hand job for Vayuputra :)

Our guides suggested we go round the hill. However, we dropped the idea because there was no more ruins on the other side. Also, we were hungry and had two more forts ahead of us.

Back at the village, our cab was parked in the temple compound. The temple is ancient but the heavy makeup conceals its real beauty.

Two hero-stones found within the temple compound.

We thank our guides and move towards Shirguppa, eager to find a khanawali and appease our hungry tummies.


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