Aug 3, 2013

Fort Tekkalakota

March 8, 2012

Tekkalakote, also known as Tekkalakota, is a small town situated 45 km north of Bellary. Within the town limits is its fort- a small simple square shaped fort with circular bastions at each of the corner. The fort's main entrance faces north direction. It also has a small doorway on the western side.

The fort is a education hub of the town, a school and a college are within the fort premises. We are standing in front of Mahadwara ~ main entrance. The colorful building on the right is a junior college. Behind me is another ancient stone wall which was built as security of Mahadwara. And on my left, out of sight, is another row of class rooms.

Mahadwara - main entrance.
I couldn't find any info about the fort on the net nor people at the town could provide any info. Hence I'll have to do a some guessing. The construction is pretty advanced, binding material is used in the walls. So this fort cannot be very old. Since this fort is located close to Hampi, it must be built during Vijayanagar times. The symmetrical floral hangs in the doorway is a typical feature in Vijayanagara architecture. 

Twin halls on raised platforms flank the gateway. Those would be security offices of the fort.

Within the walls are two small buildings, close to the south-eastern bastion. I wanted to take pictures from the building's roof, of course with permission. We spoke to a lady in-charge and learnt this is a residential school for girls, students are from nearby villages, mostly from poor families. Its a different type of school, it provides vocational training to its students besides regular academics. The schools objective is to train these youngsters to be better prepared for the outside world. Initially the lady was hesitating to let us go to the terrace, when we told her about the purpose she allowed us. It was actually convenient for Malatesh to shoot with his camcorder from the terrace.

Nearly half the area is taken by Neem tress :-) fresh cool air for students. However, view of the gateway is also obscured by the trees. In the background are the hills of Tekkalkote.

The south-eastern bastion. All bastions seem to be well preserved but the surroundings aren't so clean. I suspect the fort had a moat once..

Glimpse of the north-eastern bastion.

A peep at the side entrance. I did not want to take chances of exploring what lay beyond this gateway.

The teacher suggested us to visit Varavina Malleshwara temple near by. She told us the temple is ancient and we would surely like the place. We thanked her for the suggestion and said bye.

It was quick tour. We planned to got check out Varavina Malleshwara temple, about 4 kms east of Tekkalalote.

Recently I learnt that hills of Tekkalakote is a Neolithic site where archaeologists have discovered the foundations of circular huts and a small cemetery. While driving from Tekkalakote to Udegola we had to pass by the hills, the very look of the rock formations evoked thoughts of inhabitants on these hills. In fact I pointed out couple of rock shelters to Malatesh and told him we must check them out someday. Well, I really want to explore those hills someday.. we might see some rock paintings and prehistoric paintings are always interesting.

Next on our route was Varavina Malleshwara Devasthana - a temple built by Vijayanagara kings.

Tekkalakota fort co-ordinates: 15°32'4"N   76°52'50"E


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Captain Flint said...

Came back to your blog after a few months. Amazing consistency as I said before and makes us appreciate our dear state every bit more.

As usual the post is very informative.

I would also like to thank you for keeping the blog free of the "I" factor - so many blogs boast about the posts as their "achievements" - while you take a very down to earth approach in presenting.

Great job, sir.