Aug 10, 2013

Varavina Malleshwara temple

March 8, 2013
Varavina Malleshwara temple is about 4 kms east of Tekkalakote, the road passes through paddy fields. The moment we entered the place, it was like seeing a scaled down version of Hampi sans river. The scattered ruins, the architecture and the presence of a Frangipani tree was very much Vijayanagara style. It is said that the place was known as Devara Kallu ~ God's Stone when it was built. It was around 9AM, we were the only visitors. As you see the temple is situated on the hillock.

The hall on the left is the Kalyana Mantapa and the on the right is the main Gopura. Notice the pillar design, its quite different from the ones I've had seen earlier.

A pleasant surprise; a goshaala with half dozen calves. I love the look on their faces.

Gopura is brick and mortar.

The doorway is flanked by various sculptures. Just outside the doorway is a image could be a scene from Ramayana; Rama aiming an arrow at the golden deer while living in exile.

The presence of Damaru, Trisula and Nandi indicates lord Shiva here.

As we step in it felt as though we had entered from the back door. On our left was the care-taker's house. I wonder why those three tigers are painted... had Tipu donated money to this temple's maintenance.

On the left, after the tower is a long hall for pilgrims to camp. On the right is the temple.

Doorway to Sabha Mantapa. Well, I wish to meet the guys who painted..

Garbhagudi at the end of this aisle and to the right is Nandi (see inset).

A collection of hero-stones.
side entrance
This temple doesn't seem to have any kind of order, little confusing. Main Gopura is on the eastern wall but the Garbhagudi faces west and what seems like a south-facing side entrance must be the main entrance.

A mural resembling a human rib cage.. very strange piece of work indeed.
We could see half dozen small temples like these close to the base of the hills, on the plains. The larger structure on the right is a modern structure, a shed to park the temple chariot.

This shelter could serve as lodge for pilgrims or shops.
A short video by Malatesh.

I don't remember seeing any signage here, not much of information available. Having done with this holy place we head towards Udegola and Nittur to see Ashoka's rock edicts.



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Super Photos and Video, Namma Manedevaru - Varavina Malleswara Swamy, Tekkalakote

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