Oct 5, 2013

Tarabasappa Gudi, Aihole

September 15, 2012
This temple's discovery was accidental, we happened to see it when on the outskirts of Aihole on Aminghad-Aihole road. In spite of numerous visits to Aihole I had missed it. The temple is well maintained but not signage, not even a board proclaiming the name.

It's a small temple built on a raised platform having one Garbhagudi topped by a Rekha-Nagari Shikhara. Typical Badami Chalukyan architecture.

The temple has been restored recently. It's a simple and beautiful sandstone creation. The structure has just 3 openings- one door and two ventilators.

I can't remember if there was a deity in the Garbhagudi. However, owing to Basavanna's presence there must be Shiva Linga in there.

Basavanna sitting there peacefully.

Opposite the temple is this tree and a small collection of ancient sculptures.

Temple's Kalyani.

This place was silent and peaceful. Its a good place to take a relaxing break while touring Aihole.

September 2, 2013
I got the name of this temple from one of the staff at Aihole museum. There's a miniature model of the entire village showing most of the temples. Thanks to the people who made it.


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