Nov 14, 2015

Sculptures at Archaeological museum, Alampur

Alampur - the village with Badami Chalukyan time stamp in Andhra.  Alampur previously known as Hatampura / Halampuram is situated on the western bank of river Tungabhadra, close to Krishna-Tungabhadra  confluence. A Chalukyan inscription in Kannada dating back to Tribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya VI mentions the name Hatampura. Badami Chalukyan, worshippers of Lord Shiva known for their remarkable temple building skills. Chalukya's architecture originated at Aihole; Aihole, known as the cradle of temple architecture is situated on right bank of river Malaprabha; here Chalukyan builders experimented and developed designs. Chalukyans also built temples at Pattadakallu, Siddanakolla, Halae Mahakoota, Hosa Mahakoota, Badami, Banashankari and many more places. Coming back to Alampur, this historic place is popular for two things- 1, Nava Brahma temples built by Chalukyans and 2. Jogulamba temple - this is one of the eighteen Shakti peethas. The little village is home to an archaeological museum - a small collection of sculptures and inscriptions dating back to 6th to 12th century CE. Among the museum's collection is a rare sculpture of Lajja Gowri. A life size copy of Lajja Gowri can be seen at the archaeological museum of Badami. Now to the museum..

March 20, 2015

Alampur's museum building
Naga the serpent God
The museum interior- the columns supporting the roof themselves are ancient, probably this building must have been a temple or a Mantapa earlier.

a bearded sage with a Rudrakshi Mala across his torso

Basavanna (Nandi) and a royal tusker
Royal Tusker's profile
Lajja Gowri made of sandstone
Lajja Gowri made of granite
inscription aisle

Ravanasura at Bala Brahma temple
If you ever plan a visit to Alampur do include three more spots in your itinerary-
  1. Sangameshwara temple on the outskirts of Alampur
  2. Papanasa group of temples, about a kilometer from Sangameshwara temple
  3. Bala Jhunkareshwari temple at Gondimalla at Krishna-Tungabhadra confluence, about 7 kms from Alampur  


milind k said...

Dear sir i have read your Talewadi: cascade in Mahadeyi river. Your article was very nice. Its very nice view of talewadi village.I want to visit talewadi can you give me contact no. of talewadi ganpati uncle.

siddeshwar said...

Hi Milind, your comment is on the wrong post. Anyway, I seem to have misplaced Ganpati's number.