Jun 9, 2018

King's Secret Chamber, Hampi

Aug 13, 2017
At the royal enclosure are lot of individual items.. the major ones being Mahanavami Dibba, Stepped well, and Sri Krishnadevaraya audience hall. Also, there one item which cannot be seen until you go near it.. the underground meeting room. This is supposed to be a secret underground chamber used by the king to meet his ministers and spies. The chamber is approximately 30' x 20' and 12' deep. It has two entrances with narrow passages. Here we go..

This is the L-shaped passage which is quite dark. If not for the present day open top, it would be darker. The walls and pillars are quite plain, built to purpose, aesthetics is not a priority here.

Passage of the other entrance.

As you see material is not uniform, its a mix of stones of various shades and textures.

The actual chamber's roof is missing and a wall has been erected for tourists' safety.

From ground level we get a better view of the chamber.

The L-shaped passage opening into the chamber.

Probably this was part of another building, like a cellar. There has to be something on the top to camouflage the chamber so the building on the top would be the cover.

Seriously, Hampi is something one really seed to see and to see it completely one might have to make several trips or camp here for weeks. Also, I think the best way to explore Hampi would be by foot and bicycle.

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