Jul 24, 2011

Mundargi Fort

I learnt about several forts within 100km from Dharwad- Mundargi fort, Shrimantgad fort, Savanur and Bankapur. My plan for the day was to visit all. The route planned was to reach Mundargi via Kundgol and Laxmeshwar but Yellappa (taxi driver) suggested we go via Gadag and Dambal. We stopped at Dambal to see the Chalukyan era Doddabasappa temple. Stop at Dambal lead to discovery of another monument called Jappadbhavi, an ancient temple built around a well. On the way to Jappadbhavi we happened by drive by a wall which happened to be Dambal fort wall. That lead to discovery of another fort.

We drive down from Dambal to Mundargi. That's the hill as seen from the town outskirts. The white tower is a water tank. It looks almost as high as the hill.

Mundargi Hill, Fort and a fraction of the town.

A - Kanaka Narasimha Temple
B - Anjaneya Temple
C - Passage in Fort wall
D - Gateway
E - Water Tower
F - Shivalinga Temple

Closer look at the fort.

We had idli-vade at one of the restaurants and then we drive around the hill and stopped near Kanaka Narasimha Temple. The crumbling walls of Mundargi fort...

Quarrying goes on full swing. God knows how many hundreds of tonnes of stone has been chipped away from this hill. And the activity does not seem to be legal.

Even the stones from the walls are plundered.

One of the good looking wall connects two bastions and has a passage close to one of the bastions.

A hoopoe allowed me one picture and then took off.

As seen from the turret painted tricolor.

Another gateway.

The towering water tank.

This part of the fort is scattered with Jaaligida and littered with Jaali thorns. One more bastion standing... but may not be here for long.

On the left is a temple dedicated to Shivalinga and on the right is a shelter.

Back to the wall with a passage.

See how close the hackers have got?

Nothing left of the fort. No information about when or who built the fort. This reminds me of Hooli fort. Kind of felt bad to see the ignored monument. I decided to had back down. That's Anjaneya temple.

The two polished lines are a result of people sliding down. This brings back the memories of the time we spent at Ragigudda at Bengaluru.

Steps leading up to Kanaka Narasimha temple.

Hacked away without mercy.

One of the videos I shot.

We move towards Shrimantgad Fort.

Mundargi Fort Coordinates: 15°12'33"N 75°52'46"E



nanda said...

The Mundargi Fort called by 'Kanakappa na gudda'

siddeshwar said...

Thanks you, Nanda.