Feb 14, 2012

Gudur Fort

Gudur hill as seen from Chikanal Fort.

Google Map image of Gudur town, hill and fort.

A - Nilogal-Gudur road
B - Stairway to Fort
C - Fort main gateway
D - Fort rear gateway
E - Watch tower

Hill & fort as seen from Nilogal-Gudur road. This would be the fourth climb of the day. I ask Shivu the cab driver to find a good Khanawali while waiting.

Gudur town is nestled in a valley with the fort-hill is to its south. The stairway to the fort starts at the base of the hill. Mini buses/rickshaws block the path and its filthy with pigs lying around in garbage dumped around. I've learned to ignore and find a way through such stretches. The stairway itself is in a bad shape. Anyway, something is better than nothing ...the climb up was not so bad because of trees providing patches of shade. Now I'm almost at the top and steps end here. I'll have to take a rocky path rest of the way.

Part of Gudur town. Some where beyond the hill in the background is my next destination- Kelur Fort.

I could not make out the entrance, climbed a wall and walked on it. Stones forming these walls are not held by any binding material. It was scary to walk here. I would step gently and made sure nothing shifted under my foot drastically. The fort has a elevated circular platform close to the north-western corner.

Eastern wall as seen from north-eastern bastion. The bastion at the other end of this wall has collapsed.

Now I'm outside the fort. Behind me is a vast flat rock bed with patches of soil covered by bushy fauna.

In the background is Chikanal hill. I was at Chikanal fort about an hour before I shot this picture.

The south-western bastion sits on a edge.

I re-enter the fort through this gateway.

Looking back at the bastion, that's the south-west corner.

The fort lacks any kind of living quarters or shelters. The only structure within the fort is this bastion like structure which could be a watch tower. Similar but much smaller structure was seen at Wakandurga fort.

Looking along the northern wall.

Closer look at the elevated platform. Wonder what that square pole is for.

I happen to find another gateway here, however as a result of collapsed walls the path is strewn with rocks and it barely looks like a gateway.

I climb down few rocks trying to get a front view of the fort wall. I feel this fort was more of a show piece to create an illusion of s strong fort. Of course the location is strategic, the fort gives a commanding view of the valley below. The valley could be important since it serves as a way across these hills.

Decided it was time I left. On the slopes, trees are scattered here & there adding some life the hill.

About three-fourth way downhill, I met these kids. They were busy frying chilly-bajjis in a toy bowl hardly 4" diameter :)

I was all smiles at their quick-fix stove of 3 stones, fuel was jaali-twigs. Oil, Flour, salt, chillies and water, in paper or plastic bags. The boy and his sister, the girl wearing glasses were the cooks. The bowl was good for two bajjis per round. They would take turns turning the chilly around. Two bajjis were ready which were offered to me. I did not want to intrude on their little outing, I declined.

Unable to curb my curiosity I asked why they came here to make bajji and not at home. Answer was they are here for a picnic. Sweet little kids. Bid them bye and called Shivu.

Shivu had located a Khanawali, it was a small place named Basavesvara Khanavali. I relished every bit of the meal. During the meal the owner told us that during a plague epidemic village folk had migrated to the fort. He could be referring to the epidemic during British rule. I asked when & who built the fort. No information. We got directions for Kelur. As we drove away from Gudur, I asked Shivu to drive slow ...not a good idea to be shaking too much after a meal.

Few videos of Gudur fort.

Gudur Fort Co-ordinates: 15°56'14"N 75°55'0"E


Arun said...

Nice to see the discovery of so many forts in Karnataka..

ರಾಜೇಶ್ ನಾಯ್ಕ said...

Good man. Good Coverage. Photo of those kids with their miniature pan is so sweet.

Raj Sathya said...

Goodo Good, all ur posts were so interesting, especially these kids, my thoughts were boom ranged to my childwood, unluckily i had no any outstretch into deeps at that age, anyhow mind blowing!

siddeshwar said...

Thank you Raj.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sid for exploring few things about my hometown. I appreciate your work. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Thank very much for adventourous journey round Gudur fort of Hungund Taluk Bagalakote District.But you have narrowly missed an important historical place nearby called Chandalinga where the clusters of temples related to Hullappa and Chandappa aresituated legends about whom resemble that of Mylaraling a cultural hero who is worshopped as a deity accross Karnataka,Andhrapradesh, Goa and Maharashtra