Sep 14, 2013

Rock paintings near Gudekote

March 7, 2013
Second half of second day of our four-day trip. We were travelling from Brahmagiri to Gudekote; the terrain is rocky with several hillocks. Seeing the terrain I felt this might have been a prehistoric settlement. About 4 km before Gudekote to my left about 100 meters away I saw a rock formation with paintings on it. However, I had seen it for few seconds and I wasn't sure if it was a painting or a stain. We could have stopped to check out the rock but I did not want upset the itinerary to miss seeing Gudekote fort

About 1½ to kilometer to Gudekote at a 90° left turn we saw a rock formation barely 20 meters to our left was a rock shelter with two small paintings. This rock was too close to drive past it without stopping.

The overhang has created a nice little shelter and who knows how many people had rested under it.

We ran a quick inspection of both rocks, only the rock with the overhang had two painting groups on it.

The first group. The figures are shaped like a cactus leaf with zigzag pattern covering the inside. No clue what this depicts. Is it a religious symbol or some kind of map?

The second group consist of few lines, again no idea what they depict. Painting in the first group seem to be complete but the paintings in second group seem incomplete.

If we explored this area we might see dozens of rock art. Sadly quarrying is pretty active here, who knows how many sites are lost to few men's destructive deeds.


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