Dec 6, 2014

Bairidevara Kote

December 21, 2013
This fort was an discovered while making inquiries at Ujjaini Matha for Palayyana Kote. People told me about another fort which can be seen on the way to Palayyana Kote.. that's nice, another fort got added to the list. About 4.5 kms north-east of Ujjaini Peetha, we turned right into a dirt track. Though the fort was visible from distance we wanted to find a easy place to climb it.. we drove about a kilometer and stopped. The fort was a fifteen minute climb and it was close to noon. I decided to take pictures from the base itself..

As you see the western face of the hillock, its a long and narrow rock formation. The fort sits right at the summit and spread over on the slopes also. This fort must have been built by the Nayakas.. probably connected to the largest fort in this region- Uchchangidurga.

The fort could be a simple structure consisting of walls. Probably there's a temple within those walls. Walls on the slopes can be seen.. everything is crumbling here. Towards the bottom right corner is a temple (look for two green pillars) partly hidden by a tree.

The central bastion.. probably the Nishan Burj ~ flag bastion.

A crumbling bastion sits at the end of the summit.

Having covered the fort we decide to move on to Palayyana Kote; back to SH 45 we went further North and turned right again after 3 kms or so. As we drove we could seen the eastern face of Bairidevara Gudda. Unlike the western face, the eastern face is quite steep. From this side the fort seems to be in better condition. Within the walls are two large structures.

We drove little further.. the entire length of the fort hill is seen.

Further down the road..

Wish I had the time to go up there. Hope the day comes. We move on towards Palayyana Kote..

Bairidevara Kote Coordinates: 14°45'9"N   76°18'59"E

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