Dec 3, 2014

Shrimad Ujjaini Sadharma Simhasana Mahasamsthana

December 21, 2014
Ujjaini is one of the Panchapeethas along with Baalehonnur, Kashi, Kedar and Srishaila. Vishwabandhu Marulasiddeshwara (also known as Maralusidda), contemporary of Basaveshwara, is the founder of Shrimad Ujjaini Sadharma Simhasana Mahasamsthana. The temple within this Matha complex is believed to be the Aikyasthala of Sri Marulasiddeshwara. Maralusidda had worked with Basaveshwara for the good of the society during the Kalyana revolution in 12th Century.

Shrimad Ujjaini Sadharma Simhasana Mahasamsthana

The temple structure looks puffed out, as though the stone has become soft. This is because of the unique tradition of Ujjaini- Shikara Thailabhisheka. The temple's Shikhara is believed to have all existing gods and goddesses of Hinduism. Once a year, during the annual fair pilgrims are allowed to offer oil to the Shikhara i.e. oil is poured in gallons. Due to this tradition, over the centuries stone has absorbed oil and probably turned soft.

Marulasidda Gudi
The floor was also oily :( and the temple caretakers had tried their best to wash off as much as oil as possible.

 This Gopura is believed to be the rear entrance of the Matha even though it looks like the main entrance.

A mantapa, pair of Deepastambhas between the Gopura and Maralusiddeshwara temple entrance. Almost every part of the temple premises is oily.

The temple interior; its turned pillars are beautiful. As you see temple flooring has a modern touch.

 The Garbhagudi and the deity.

Well I was not comfortable walking on the oily floor, wanted to go out as soon as possible. To see more pictures of Ujjaini Matha and fair visit the article on mahiti by Rakesh.

Our next destination were nearby forts- Bairidevara Kote and Palayyana Kote.

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