Dec 10, 2014

Palayyana Kote

Palayyana Kote was unknown until read about it in a Kannada book about forts of Bellary district authored by Shri. D M Kotresh. The book lists out major and minor forts with their detailed history. From the book I also heard about few more new names.

December 21, 2013
Our tour of historical places of Davangere started with Ujjaini Peeta, followed by a distant view of Bairidevara Kote. After a twenty minute drive (in rural roads) we are near Palayyana Kote, looking at the hill from the road and trying to figure out the way to reach its base. We drove upto a small village and inquired if there was any road leading to the base of the hill. Yes, there is but its not fit for a car. That road is for carts, tractors and trucks. See the Jaali-Gida jungle close to the base of the hill.. I bet the ground there will be littered with thorns. We decided to see the fort from the village.. this is the western face of the hill.

Its not really a long climb but the terrain can be challenging and under the blazing Sun it would be difficult climb. The fort is mostly in ruins, walls crumbling away. However it's condition is better than that of Bairidevara Kote.

Bird's eye-view of Palayyana Kote. The structure is intact in this view. Its a small fort with 6 bastions connected by rampart walls. Maximum length is about 70m and 45m at its widest point. Within the walls are dividing walls for security. It's difficult to tell where the entrance is.

Google Maps/Wikimapia screen-shot
Unlike Bairidevara Kote, Palayyana Kote does not have protective walls on hill slopes.

On the neighbouring hill is a smaller fort like structure. A local man told us its known as Basavanadurga, I think.. I'm not sure. This could be a protective unit for Palayyana Kote. Like other forts in this region, these forts could be built by Nayakas controlled by Uchchangidurga or Chitradurga.

If we had time I would have made it to the top. Hope the day comes.

A sketch of the roads and approximate locations of the forts with reference to Ujjaini.

Palayyana Kote Coordinates: 14°45'57"N   76°20'49"E

According to Shri. D M Kotresh's book there are 26 forts in Bellary district. Taluq wise break up is given below:
Bellary - 2 
Hadagli - 3
Hagaribommanahalli - 3
Hosapete - 6
Kudligi - 5
Sandur - 3
Shirguppa - 4


anusia said...

Very nice post. Many things get to know about this place. I wish to visit the place.

Nirdesh Singh said...


26 forts in Bellary district alone!

I was travelling in the Bharatpur district of Rajasthan, and we found a fort almost every 10 kms. And this is when Bharatpur is hardly known for forts!

Keep Travelling!


siddeshwar said...

A fort every 10 kilometers is something I would love to see. Guess that many forts were required to control the foreign invaders barging in from the west.

You are one lucky chap to be touring around Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh! Hope to see all those places through your eyes.