Aug 8, 2015

Makkah Masjid, Hyderabad

September 27, 2014
This was probably my second sightseeing trip of Hyderabad after moving to this historic city. My friend Srinu and I reached Charminar around 7 am, since tourists are allowed inside only after 9 am, we decided to hang around. We decided to see the magnificent mosque. I loved the elevation; the 5 arches between 2 minars is simple but a beautiful design. The mosque's gateway seems to be well preserved; the pair of tall wooden doors though coated with green enamel paint seem ancient because of the presence of brass studs which were definitely old. As we stepped through the gate, it was clear that pigeons had taken over this monument, hundreds of them fluttered around, feeding on grains spread on the floor; these pigeons are pampered brats!

Makkah Masjid (Mecca Masjid) is one of the oldest mosques of Hyderabad and one of the largest in India. This mosque was built during Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah's rule, the 5th ruler of Qutb Shahi dynasty. The Sultan had bricks made of soil from Mecca; those bricks were used in the construction of the central arch of this mosque, thus the name Mecca Masjid. It is said that the three arched facades have been carved from a monolith granite block which took 5 years to quarry and more than 8000 workers were employed for construction work. Construction was in progress when Muhammad Quli lost Hyderabad to Aurangzeb who later completed the mosque in 1694. The main hall of the mosque is 220' wide x 180' long and 75' high. It has enough floor area to large enough to accommodate 10,000 people.

The smaller structure next to the mosque houses the tombs of Asaf Jahi rulers. It's a long all with graves laid out in a single column.

graves of Asaf Jahi rulers
Wonder if visitors are allowed to climb the minar.

Tall arches on the side and rear walls of the mosque.

A pair of stone seats; one granite and one marble. One can sit here peacefully, look inwards, explore the innerspace.

Behind the seats is a carved stone pot in floral motif. In the background is probably the side entrance to the mosque campus, the gateway looks ancient.

A closer look at the floral pot, its made of pink granite.

The only trees within this mosque's campus stand next to the Wazoo Khana ~ wash house.

To the right is the main entrance gateway; a security check post mars the beauty of the ancient structure.

The old wooden door with brass fixtures at the main entrance.

We were hungry, had a Irani tea joint right next door was in our mind... Nimrah Bakery, I think.

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