Aug 12, 2015

short visit to Siddaganga Matha, Tumkur

It was a long time wish to get a darshan of Shri Shivakumar Swamiji.

December 27, 2014
It was around 7-30 that evening when we reached Siddaganga Matha. I was with my hosts Mr. C B Barigidad and his grandson Vinayak. Mr. Barigidad was a regular visitor here and he was glad to take me around. We went towards Swamiji's office first and to our good luck Swamiji was walking from the temple towards his office. A short queue formed outside the office for Swamiji's darshan. While waiting for my turn I had a good look; a super senior healthy person. Swamiji could read without glasses; handles Matha administration matters; sleeps 3 or 4 hours per day; wakes up around 2 AM and performs rituals/meditation. Highly enlightened soul.

That's Swamiji's office.

This is the tomb of Atavi Shivayogi Swamiji.

Siddaganga Matha is known for Dasoha ~ feeding the needy. The Matha's kitchen feeds thousands of people daily, many are students living in a hostel within the Mataha. Mr. Barigidad suggests a quick tour of the kitchen. Huge vessels to prepare vegetable dishes and curries.

Vegetable cleaning and cutting area.

A large room is reserved for cooking rice; here are the rice cookers.

Attached to the kitchen is the dining hall which can accommodate close to thousand people in one sitting. These are pictures of Lingayath leaders- Shri Atavi Shivayogi, Shri Udyana Shivayogi, Shri Shivakumar Swamiji and Basaveshwara.

The dining hall entrance.

Next we head towards Swamiji's residential area.

The courtyard connects the poojs room and Swamiji's private residence.

That's Swamiji's abode.


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