Jun 3, 2015

What to see in Bidar district?

Bidar is the northern most district of Karnataka state bordering with Maharastra and Telangana states. The word Bidar to many is synonymous to drought but that is not the case. Bidar is a land of many rivers and a colourful history. Bidar's Kalyana was Chalukyan capital when they rose to power for the second time. Kalyana is where Jagatjyoti Basaveshwara ans Shivasharanas started their social revolution. Bahamani captial was shifted from Gulbarga to Bidar because of better climatic conditions and water sources. Its the land where Guru Nanak performed a miracle. For travellers and tourists, Bidar district offers an array of historical and religious spots.

Clockwise, starting top left: Chalkuyan temple at Umapur, 108' tall Basaveshwara, Bhatambra fort and Kannada inscription at Chalukyan temple at Jalasnghi,.

Clockwise, starting top left: tombs at Astur, Sikh emblem at Gurudwar, Bidar fort entrance and cannon inside  Bidar fort.

Lets start with Bidar city and its surroundings and then move on to other taluqs of the district.
  1. Bidar fort; is one of the largest forts in Karnataka; its located on a large laterite bed the edge of the plateau; the fort walls are built of laterite blocks quarried out of  the laterite bed; the quarry  has formed a moat along the southern perimeter of the fort.
  2. Bahamani tombs of Ashtur; a necroplois of Bahamani dynasty
  3. Mohamad Gawan Madarsa; the Madrasa of Mahmud Gawan is situated in Bidar City of the northern plateau of Karnataka, India. established it in 1472 CE by Mahmud Gawan, a great warrior and administrator of Bahamani kingdom.
  4. Choubara; a tower at the intersection of two main streets of Bidar
  5. Barid Shahi Tombs
  6. Narsimha Jhira
  7. Guru Nanak Jhira
  8. Papanash Shiva temple
  9. Dev Vana (Botanical Garden): An Eco Tourism center 6 KM away from Bidar town on Bidar - Hyderbad Highway. With more than 200 medicinal plants, this garden is believed to be something of a unconventional temple of plants.
  10. Amareshwara temple at Aurad
  11. Shivaji Santaji Samadhi
  12. Chidambara Aashram / Shri Siddharudha Math: was established in the year 1986 by Shri Shivkumar Swamiji. There are 12 Jyothirlingas on both the sides Shri Siddharudha statue. This is temple located at Manahalli Road, Bidar. This is also known as Gumpa.
  13. Basava Kalyana fort and museum
  14. Basaveshwara temple at Basava Kalyana
  15. 108 feet statue of Basaveshwara at Basava Kalyana
  16. Narayanpur Shiva temple
  17. Umapur Uma-Maheshwara temple; temple built during Kalyana Chalukya rule
  18. Bhalki fort
  19. Rameshwar Takidee; a hillock about 4 kms from Bhalki has a small fort and a temple dedicated to Ramlingeshwar
  20. Bhatambra fort, about 10 kms west of Bhalki
  21. Jalasanghi Kalmeshwar temple; temple built during Kalyana Chalukya rule
  22. Hanakuni fort; the treasury fort of King Ramachandra's kingdom
  23. Manik Prabhu temple at Humnabad
  24. Veerbhadreshewar temple at Humnabad & Changlare: both temples are ancient, they attract thousands of people during their annual fairs in the months of January and November respectively. The temple at Humnabad was constructed in 1725, it is famous for its moving pillar.
What to see in Bidar fort?
  1. Gumbad Darwaza
  2. Sherza Darwaza
  3. Fateh Gate on the south
  4. Talghat Gate in the east
  5. Delhi Gate
  6. Mandu Gate. 
  7. Takht Mahal
  8. Solah Khamba Mosque
  9. Diwan-I-Am
  10. Tarkash Mahal
  11. Rangeen Mahal
  12. Gagan Mahal
  13. Two large canons on turrets


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